Norse tales

Visiting my parents in Stockholm week before last, my father asked me if I wanted some books he was about to throw out. They were books on Norse mythology and Tales of Viking heroes, some having been printed in 1901. I know have some more heirlooms to pass on to my children, as well as the opportunity to read up on the tales of our Nordic Gods.

Memory of a memory

A few weeks ago I asked a friend to contribute to my project and he offered the diving watch I just published on the site.
It made me think of when my father took me to a watch shop late at night, many years ago to get my "first" watch.
I remember clearly feeling that this was a passage, a kind of initial step on the journey into adulthood.
The owner of this shop must have been a friend of my fathers or a business associate, as the shop was closed and the "purchase was conducted in the back room, thinking about it my memory is of mystery and secrecy.
I sadly don't have that watch anymore, but it Ian's story reminded me of the many things left behind, like memories.

Snaps visor

Yesterday my parents had a party celebrating Easter, and as is the Swedish tradition there was plenty of snaps and accompanying songs.
These songs started me thinking of what other cultural things we inherit, being passed down through generations,
and how important it is that we keep our traditions going, wherever we come from.

The Hare with the Amber Eyes

Good friends gave me the stunning book The Hare With The Amber Eyes a few months back.
Written by Edmund De Waal it charts his family from 1871 onwards but more specifically the heirloom of 264 japanese hand carved miniature figures "netsuke" and how they travelled through history for 123 years or so until Edmund inherits them from his uncle Iggie. Its a fascinating account of family and heirlooms. Halfway through reading the book, I found these "netsuke" in a glass vitrine in Brasilian artist Pinkie Wainers shop in SaƵ Paulo!