Leatherman utility knife

My grandfather was a great sailor and taught me a lot about boats and sailing. He always carried a 'Leatherman' sailing knife, which he was constantly using. Whether cutting ropes or just tinkering, it was always with him. I remember how he kept it so well oiled and it smelled like his workshop. He passed away a few years ago, and unfortunately we had to sell his yacht, but I tried even harder at sailing hoping to make him proud. My grandmother wanted to give her grandchildren one special thing to always remind us of how gentle and nice he was and I was given his sailing knife. I now sail all the time, training and competing around the country and always hope that he can see what I'm achieving. I carry the knife in my kit bag everywhere and use it just like my grandfather did and hopefully, when I am older I will own a yacht and use it as much as he did.
Stan Chick
Age 13