Rocking chair

My grandmother’s rocking chair. It reminds me so much of afternoons spent at her house getting bored while the grownups were busy lunching or conversing or just being boring. I remember sitting in it and rearranging the matching nest of tables she had. And trying to think of ways to play with the wooden monkey and stacking soldier she had – pretty much the only toys in the house and they got boring pretty quickly.

My grandmother was not one to fuss over small children but she was very conspiratorial with me – I sat in the rocking chair and she taught me to play backgammon and cards instead. The other ‘toy’ I was given to play with was a tin of foreign coins and banknotes – much more fun – and useful in backgammon games! It’s funny now, doing what I do, to be so frequently appraising the design of mid-century Ercol furniture and Rosendahl wooden toys, I certainly didn't appreciate that at the time and I'm not sure my family did either. They probably did though. Nature or nurture - who knows?

Henrietta Thompson