Chinese carved lamp

This lamp has been something that has been in my life since I was born. It belonged to my maternal grandmother, given to her by my paternal grandmother for Christmas in the early 1960's. 
My mother was born during the Second World War, and the house was bombed heavily, and my grandmother lost everything. Photos of her family from the 19th century, favorite possessions from her parents, heirlooms, everything. So after the war she started collecting things from her travels, or friends would give her interesting items. This lamp was one of those. 
It sat on a sideboard in the dining room or periodically when they decided to "have a change" and move all the furniture around, it sometimes sat next to the chair where my grandfather would sit in to watch telly. It had a light blue pleated shade with pompoms on the bottom, quite charming and hilarious at the same time being on top of this Chinese carved man! 
I always loved looking at it, it seemed the most exotic thing at the time, in amongst all the velvet curtains, pink sofa and shaggy rug in front of the fireplace and the very english porcelain figurines. 
My grandmother passed away a few years ago now and my mother asked if there was something I would like to have from my grandmothers possessions, this was top on my list, and I had to wait to find out if I could have it, there were so many grandchildren to ask.

Clare Waight Keller
Creative Director Chloe International