Red Coat

This red coat used to belong to my mother. It was made in the 70s, copied from a pattern in Vogue magazine that my mother liked. The fabric is very old and has a bit of a story to it, which is what makes the coat very interesting for me and also what makes it an heirloom.

My grandfather was part of the British Civil Service in India during the time of the Raj. Sometime in the late 30s, this massive bale of red fabric was sent over from England and given to my grandfather. He used the fabric to make covers for the billiards tables in the officers’ mess. An off-cut remained, which my grandmother kept and put away in her cupboard. Years later, when my mother was looking for suitable fabric for the red coat pattern that she wanted to make, the cloth was found and was perfect.

So it became the coat. Typically, my mother never wore it, probably because my family lived near a desert and it was much too hot. But she gave it to me a few years ago. For me it is like wearing a piece of history. It carries memories of my grandparents, my mother and a time gone by.

Freny Pavri
Artist/ Musician